Great Engineers

Here is my  (possibly wrong and  definitely still a WIP) opinion on what makes engineers, and in particular programmers really really good.

  1. They are infinitely curious.

    • Can we do better than this? (They are always asking this)
    • What was the reason for a particular design decision?
    • Why did changing the code in this way, make the bug disappear? (In particular they are never satisfied that a fix makes the bug go away, until they have really reached the root cause)
    • Under what conditions would my code break or behave unexpectedly?
    • Most importantly, they never make any assumptions about there code or believe in any assumptions, but verify them before proceeding.
  2. They are fearless:

    • They are never to afraid or lazy of diving deep into any complex code to make sure they understand what it does (see point 1)
    • They aren’t afraid of making potentially large impact changes on a code base, if it will make it better in the long run.


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