man page of the week : mincore

There’s always some nifty command you can find lurking in the linux manpages. This then helps you instantly and magically do whatever you were trying to do. The caveat is that to do the trick you do sometimes need to remember some elusive combination of options. For instance, I have completely forgotten a neat combination of options I used with iostat during my intern project, that fetched me the right level of detail, for checking the read/write performance.

But before I ramble too far, here’s the point : whenever I can remember, I will let some neat manpage enjoy some limelight on this blog, as a tribute to all the times manpages have saved my life :).

So here I present mincore. The command that lets you check if a page is in memory, or will need to be fetched from the disc! No magic combinations for this one so far! Go man it now!